[Mono-list] Fw: Fw: Fw: Compilng 1.2.5 preview 5

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Aug 29 07:57:46 EDT 2007


Jorge Bastos wrote:
> Hum,
> The only other mono instalation was made by source only as i always do.
> I compiled again from the beginning with glib 2.14x and it's the same.
> So im out of ideas!!
> on this error i belive the compiling is using the binary that was compiled
> make[7]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/apache/mono/mono-1.2.5/mcs'
> /usr/local/src/apache/mono/mono-1.2.5/mono/mini/mono: symbol lookup error: 
> /usr/local/src/apache/mono/mono-1.2.5/mono/mini/mono: undefined symbol: 
> g_unsetenv
> make[8]: *** [build/deps/basic-profile-check.exe] Error 127
> flecha:~# dpkg -l|grep -i libglib
> ii  libglib2.0-dev                     2.14.0-2 
> Development files for the GLib library

You're missing the glib shared libraries, unless you have installed
them manually.

This is my list:

dpkg -l|grep -i libglib
ii  libglib2.0-0                      2.12.4-2 
The GLib library of C routines
ii  libglib2.0-dev                    2.12.4-2 
Development files for the GLib library


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