[Mono-list] "Invalid IL code" error message

Frederik Carlier frederik.carlier at carlier-online.be
Tue Aug 28 10:06:23 EDT 2007


I am trying to compile and run Open Dental (SVN: on Mono/Linux. 
Compiling using nant/mcs runs fine, but when executing, I get the 
following error message:

"Invalid IL code in OpenDentBusiness.AppointmentB:GetPeriodApptsTable 
(string,string,string,string): IL_099d: stelem.ref"

Now, I have never encountered an issue relating to invalid IL code 
before, so I'm not sure how to narrow down (or to fix) this issue. 
Therefore, I can only give quite lengthy repro-steps (see below). Is 
there anyone who can give advise on this one?

Thanks in advance,



The steps to reproduce are:
1. Use Mono from SVN
2. Use NAnt from CVS
3. svn co opendental
4. cd opendental
5. make
6. cd build/mono-2.0.unix/opendental-5.1-debug/bin/
7. mono --debug OpenDental.exe
8. log on to a database (*)
9. You should see the error message.

(*) On how to configure the database, see 

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