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Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Mon Aug 27 08:23:17 EDT 2007

> > > Yes, this isn't ideal.  Personally, I wonder how much vandalism we'd
> > > actually see; on the other hand, Mono tends to be so short on resources
> > > that any vandalism probably wouldn't be seen/fixed until slashdot
> > > mentions it on their front page...
> > Exactly, we do not have a full time editor and admin to keep up the site
> > up to date.
> > The other issue that we have is that even if we open accounts for folks,
> > we usually see small bursts of work (a day or two) and then most people
> > vanish.
> A lot of small bursts is usually better than none at all. :) 
> But that's just my $0.02.

My $0.02;  no it isn't.  The mono wiki already contains too many
completely abbreviated & incomplete articles.  No article would be
better IMHO,  then at least it wouldn't be polluting the Google search
results.  Take - http://www.mono-project.com/DB4BOO - for instance.  The
*LAST* sentence is: "Now that you have an idea of what Boo looks like,
let's move forward.",  it never even touches on what the article
purports to be about.  Short bursts don't really provide any useful
content.  +1 for staying with the current policy.
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