[Mono-list] Look and feel of WinForms applications on Linux

Frederik Carlier frederik.carlier at carlier-online.be
Mon Aug 27 05:16:32 EDT 2007


When running a WinForms application on Linux, it happens quite often
that text gets wrapped. For example, see
http://www.tigernet.net/od_ubuntu.png . You can see a couple of things here:
- The text in the ComboBoxes gets wrapped horizontally (lower half is
not visible);
- The text in the labels gets wrapped, because it is wider than on Windows.

What are the recommended techniques to deal with such issues? In some
cases, such as the labels, re-sizing the label is possible. However, I
don't think resizing the combobox is a solution, because that would
cause them to be "too big" on Windows.

Any ideas?


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