[Mono-list] [Fwd: mod_mono 1.2.4 for suse 10.0 taking up CPU after use]

Michał Ziemski rook at roo.k.pl
Fri Aug 24 09:25:21 EDT 2007

> On your system, mono seems to use the default file system watcher
> (based on polling). As more files it has to process,
> as slower it gets.
> Check whether your server is running inotify or fam.
> Robert
Sorry if it is a newbish question, but how do I check that (I'm on a 
VPS, I didn't compile the krenel myself).

Apart from that, the CPU hog actually never stops, so I suppose it's a 
deadlock of some kind rather than sluggishnes.

Best regards,
Michał Ziemski

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