[Mono-list] Moonlight and FPU support

Spencer, Matthew MSpencer at ndsuk.com
Tue Aug 21 11:09:59 EDT 2007

Hi Paolo

I'll try and get something together for you...

However, I am not having much joy at the moment.  Whenever any calls go
through to the native cairo libraries, the system freezes.  I assume
this is due to the way the arm processors deal with floating point
instructions.  Do you have any suggestions as to how I can speed things
up?  I have tried using the -msoft-float when compiling cairo, but this
does not seem to make any difference.



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On 08/20/07 Spencer, Matthew wrote:
> I have been battling for the past few days to get everything in place 
> to get moonlight running on our embedded arm platform (processor is an
> ARM926EJ-Sid(wb) ).  I finally get all the dependencies in place, but

Any patches needed for that (or hints)? We planned to try the ARM port
in the next few weeks/months.

> when it comes to running the glassyclock example, I get a 'should not 
> be reached' error from within inssel.c.  This turns out to be a 
> catchall exception thrown when compiling mono with no hardware FPU 
> support (the
> Is my understanding from this that moonlight will not run on hardware 
> without hardware floating point support, or is it a case of 
> implementing the missing functionality to get this working.  There 
> does seem to be other instructions implemented in inssel-float.brg 
> that target a platform with software based FPU (for example 
> CEE_STIND_R8, whereas
> CSS_STIND_R4 does not).

That error just means that not all the cases are handled when compiling
with soft-float support. If you could distill a small test case that
demonstrates the issue and file a bug in bugzilla it would be great.


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