[Mono-list] Problem with Mono on Arm target

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Aug 15 23:17:42 EDT 2007

> I have just completed cross compiling mono-1.2.4 for an Arm target
> (using the montavist pro 4 corss compilation toolkit that came with
> the development platform).  I had to do a number of hacky things to
> the configure script to make it work including '--with-gc=none' (I
> will try and sort this problem out later).  It all compiles now fine,
> but I have a problem when executing a simple test case that should
> output the current time.

This means that the floating point configuration for that OS/userland is
not supported by Mono.   This happens every time folks try to use it
with an unsupported configuration in exactly this location.

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