[Mono-list] Will System.Web.Extensions be in Mono 1.2.5?

Joe Audette joe.audette at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 13:04:08 EDT 2007

Hi Miguel,

> You could probably bundle a copy of it in your application and not
> install it on the GAC for the time being.

Thanks I'll give that a try. If I grab that dll from my  opensuse
machine and put it in the bin, should it in theory also work on
windows or should I only link to this one in my MonoDevelop solution
and use the regular windows one for VS.NET?

> Also, even if we have System.Web.Extensions, am not sure if we properly
> install in the system the necessary Javascript code that is required by
> Web.Extensions.

I already include that javascript in mojoportal so I just need to know
where to put it so that the dll would find it or how to tell the dll
where to find it?

> We definitely could use some help by someone that is using
> Web.Extensions and wants to check if our current setup in Mono works
> (currently all the work is done by Mainsoft, so Grasshopper is the only
> target that is being tested)

If I can figure out or get answers to the above questions I'll
definitely test it.

Thanks for any more info that might help.


Joe Audette
Software Solutions Architect
Source Tree Solutions, LLC
joe.audette at gmail.com

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