[Mono-list] vb webservices on mono

Jaime Ventura jaimeventura at ipp.pt
Tue Aug 7 13:38:18 EDT 2007

Im trying to configure my centos machine to run webservices.
Im using the mono repo from www.*mono*-project.com, for rhel-4.
My operating system is CENTOS 4.
After configuring every thing, it all seemed to work fine with a simple 
webservice for testing purposes.

For that, a friend of mine created a vb webservice on a windows machine 
and I copied the all resulting files(asmx, dll, etc).
When I access the webservice via GET, every thing works just fine 
(including when doing
But when I do a POST, the mod-mono-server2.exe goes away :(

Does anyone can  help me to debug the problem?
The apache logs doesnt help much.

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