[Mono-list] mono, MS, and legalities

'josh coffman' joshcoffman at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 13:20:39 EDT 2007

Ok, short of a lawyer or anyone pretending to be online, is there information about MS's position on mono?

I think what is really needed, is just some information indicating any company developing using mono won't be sued by MS. 

Personally, not being a lawyer either, I don't think that is likely because of the apparent efforts of the mono developers to avoid MS code or influences. It appears, mono is just an implementation of a public spec(s).


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>josh coffman writes:
>> Anyone know a good resource or contact for answering someone who is concerned
>about legalities on mono? Someone asked me (like I know) about any patent
>issues, especially regarding the MS-Novell deal.
>Find a local, well-reputed lawyer specializing in intellectual property.
>The person who asked you cannot get what is called "legal advice" from
>a canned response -- or a non-lawyer -- and very few lawyers will give
>legal advice for free or over email.  It has to be given to address
>the particular question or situation.
>In practice, the ultimate authority is the court hearing a lawsuit,
>and I don't think there have been any lawsuits *or* rulings on Mono
>and patents, on the Microsoft-Novell agreement, or on closely related
>Michael "not a lawyer" Poole

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