[Mono-list] [ANNOUNCE] Monotooth 0.1.0 Beta released

Aleksi Suomalainen asuomala at hytti.uku.fi
Fri Aug 3 04:25:05 EDT 2007

Andy Hume wrote:
> Aleksi Suomalainen wrote:
>> I'm happy to announce the official beta release of Monotooth. 
>> This release now has a stream, meaning that one can serialize 
>> an object and send it over bluetooth. This should open 
>> ventures for example OBEX, since protocols can be emulated 
>> with the use of serialization (see 
> http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.runtime.serialization.if
> ormatter.aspx).
> Can I then mention my library Brecham.Obex, it can provide the OBEX
> support.  It provides full OBEX support (PUT, GET, SETPATH,
> Folder-Listings, asynchronous-style calling etc), and only needs a
> Stream to connect to.  It runs well on Mono (there are one or two issues
> in the sample applications which I expect to be fixed with Mono 1.2.5).
> It is available from http://32feet.net/   It is closed-source currently,
> but free for any use.  I'd be please to hear if it works with the
> Monotooth library.  Contact me by email or at the forum at the 32feet
> website.
Great, I'll test this tonight :).
> Now, just giving it a short mention, I'll note that 32feet.NET itself is
> a library providing support for Bluetooth, IrDA (and simple OBEX) for
> .NET.  So covering the same area as your library, but supporting
> different platforms, as currently it runs on Win32 and WinCE, supporting
> the MSFT Bluetooth stack on both.  It is open-source via CodePlex.
> I've made a few changes locally to Mono's socket-io.c allow it to work.
> But that's for another message.  Contact me if anyone's interested.
> Andy

Aleksi Suomalainen
Pyöräkatu 9 b 52
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