[Mono-list] Is mono suitable for building an XML-RPC Sever?

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Aug 2 10:31:24 EDT 2007

> Recently I was thinking about building a XML-RPC Server based on MONO.
> It's main purpose is to providing an easy-to-use interface for our
> system.   You can think it as a gateway software which interpret
> XML-RPC request to our inner system protocol.
> Last week, I've talked with a BEA sales man about their Jrockit JVM.
> He told me that any runtime  environment would slow done severely when
> collecting garbage.  And even if Jrockit is the fastest JVM on the
> world,  it still has that problem.
> So, what I want to know is that, did someone succeed in some similar
> job based on MONO?

I don't know anything about BEA or Jrockit but I do *LOTS* of XML-RPC
calls with Cook Computing's XML-RPC.NET in Mono and I've never noticed
any kind of performance issue.  Of course there is overhead with GC, but
I don't really think it is avoidable;  either the VM is doing GC or you
are.  I think the only way to know for your app is to test;  for me,
even testing on a weenie 1.4GHz Celery laptop I frequently see
call-to-callback times of less than 100ms for small payloads.

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