[Mono-list] Visual Studio 2005 .NET solution compiling on Linux

"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Wed Aug 1 03:56:46 EDT 2007

Ankit Jain escribió:
>> Hasn't the capability of building VS2005 sln files be shared between
>> xbuild and MD? If not, why?
> No, its not shared currently. At the time this capability was added to MD,
> our MSBuild api wasn't complete enough to support that. But Marek Sieradzki
> has fixed that, and he infact had a patch to add the relevant support to MD,
> which might be integrated later.

Thanks Ankit. This interests me because I plan to setup a continuous 
integration system that builds solutions everytime there is a commit. I 
hope to help improve all of this by notifying all bugs I find about 
incompatibilities between msbuild and xbuild.


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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