[Mono-list] Visual Studio 2005 .NET solution compiling on Linux

Darren Gage DarrenG at optiscan.com
Wed Aug 1 02:21:22 EDT 2007


Anybody been able to get a Visual Studio 2005 .NET solution compiling on
Linux (under mono)?

We wish to run a CruiseControl.NET server on Windows and on Linux.  So
ideally, bar some configuration and tool differences, I'd hoped the same
Visual Studio 2005 solution could be compiled on both Windows and Linux.

I have installed CruiseControl.NET and NAnt on Linux.  All seems OK,
except compiling the Visual Studio 2005 solution.  On Windows I use
msbuild to do the compilation, just passing the solution file.

1.	Is there some way to install and use msbuild on Linux (using
2.	Nant on Mono doesn't seem to support the <solution> task, using
it returns a error.
3.	Is there something I'm missing, I'd have thought this was pretty
standard thing to do.  I tried xbuild, which seemed to compile based on
the csproj.  But this seems tedious at best given the number of projects
we have.  Is there an easier way to use xbuild in Nant to do this?
4.	I tried converting the Visual Studio 2005 solution using
MonoDevelop, but this failed.  Not really what I wanted to do anyway, as
I wanted to use the same files on both Windows and Linux.

Any help much appreciated.

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