[Mono-list] richtextbox bug introduced in 1.2.4?

Jansen Bart bjansen at etro.vub.ac.be
Fri Apr 27 03:56:02 EDT 2007

Hi all,


Typing text in richtextbox seems to fuck up in 1.2.4, something which
does not happen in


Running the application below, type 1 <space> 2. The cursor is now in
front of the 2 in stead of after 2.  However characters keep on
appearing in the right order. If you type more text, the cursor gets
further behind, see attached image.  This is of course fucking up my
syntax colouring application. In it is working fine.


Is this the result of a misunderstanding of myself, or a bug?


Kind regards,






Compiled as follows: mcs *.cs -r:System.Windows.Forms -r:System.Drawing


Some minimal test code :


using System.Windows.Forms;

using System.Drawing;


namespace Test


    public class Test : System.Windows.Forms.Form


        public Test()

            : base()


            this.Text = "My First Test";

            this.TabIndex = 0;

            this.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(512, 320);

            RichTextBox richTextBox1 = new RichTextBox();

            richTextBox1.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;




        public static void Main(string[] args)


            Test t = new Test();           







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