[Mono-list] Deveel AJAX: Latest Improvements

Antonello Provenzano antonello at deveel.com
Sun Apr 29 06:10:06 EDT 2007

Dear Fellows,

In the last days I introduced some new feautures and improved some
others in the Deveel AJAX framework. The most important ones are the

- Synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript calls to the back-end
- New script handler, that gives the opportunity to define scripts
dynamically, rather than simply embedding in the assemblies.
- Control library first working implementation (beta): the very first
control is an implementation of script.aculo.us Autocompleter.Local

At the moment there's not an official release of the project, since I
want to complete the obfuscation feature (Deveel.Ajax assembly) and
implement the whole set of controls from script.aculo.us
(Deveel.Ajax.Controls assembly). Furthermore, I would like to create
an installer application, since for working it is needed a
modification to the Apache and IIS MIME configuration, to make .jsx
extension to be handled and mapped to the AjaxHttpHandler in the
Web.config of the site.

Anyway, the source code can be found and compiled on the SVN
repository of the project at SourceForge (you can use it to produce
your release):


I hope you will find it interesting: I look forward to post the
announcement of the first release.


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