[Mono-list] [ANN] CodePlex Client - Team Foundation for Mono Release v0.4.2

joel reed joelwreed at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 00:24:21 EDT 2007

Looking for a client to access CodePlex from a Mac or Linux box?

I'd like to announce version 0.4.2 of Team Foundation for Mono which 
provides a client for accessing Team Foundation Servers (like the one 
which serves CodePlex) as well as the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.* 
assemblies related to Version Control. An example of accessing CodePlex
to pull the latest version of the "Turtle" project is below.

A Google Code Project Site has been setup. The URL is: 

Highlights of this release include:

1. tf.exe supports two new commands: "ls-files" and "properties".

ls-files has options to show modified, out-of-date, unknown, and locally 
deleted file listings. This functionality doesn't exist in the Microsoft 
tf.exe client, and may be a reason to run tf4mono's tf.exe on Windows.

2. the tf.exe undo command now restores deleted files

3. tf.exe now compiles/runs on MS CLR.

4. Added API support for querying ExtendedItems.

5. Debian packages via "make dist"

6. Add GettingEventHandler, PendingChangeEventHandler, 
ProcessingChangeEventHandler, and OperationStatus delegates.

7. Many bug fixes were made to APIs, and client utility while testing on 
Windows. Greatly improved handling of ~/.tf/VersionControl.config cache.

8. Start of MonoDevelop plugin based on Subversion plugin. I'm not quite 
sure I can really map the way Team Foundation works onto the MonoDevelop 
VersionControl framework, but we'll see. Fundamentally, the way TFS 
works is much different than SVN.

Please note that this software is alpha. Use it at your own risk!

CodePlex Example Usage
In the commands below,
   UID = your codeplex user name
   PWD = your codeplex password
   MACHINENAME = your machine name (or any other random name)

First create a workspace:

tf.exe /server:https://tfs01.codeplex.com:443 /login:snd\\UID,PWD 
workspace /new "MACHINENAME;UID"

Then map "Turtle" project to a local folder:

tf.exe /server:https://tfs01.codeplex.com:443 /login:snd\\UID,PWD 
workfold "$/Turtle" ~/Source/turtle

Then pull the files:

tf.exe /server:https://tfs01.codeplex.com:443 /login:snd\\UID,PWD get 
~/Source/turtle /recursive

Source and Packages
Debian packages and source tarball available here:

Additionally, a git clone of the source tree can be made with:

    git clone git://repo.or.cz/tfs.git

will include a signed v0.4.2 tag which points to a commit named:


which can be verified with:

    gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.veridis.com --recv-keys 0xB1850655

    git verify-tag v0.4.2

and can be checked out with a command such as:

    git checkout -b build v0.4.2



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