[Mono-list] Calling native .so

markhamblin at cox.net markhamblin at cox.net
Mon Apr 23 15:06:22 EDT 2007

I am running a program that uses mono-service.exe and loads up a bunch of CSharp dll files.  One of these dlls then attempts to load a c-compiled .so file, and when it tries to do this I get a System.DllNotFoundException.

I have demonstrated this mechanism working with simpler projects in that I've tested calling a C-compiled .so from a C-Sharp program and also gotten the C-code to work with C-Sharp callbacks.  However, in the testing I've done, it was always being done directly from the main C-Sharp code.  Now I'm wondering if there's any reason why using C-Sharp DLLs or the mono-service.exe mechanism might cause this to not work.

I've checked to make sure the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is correct and I've used ldconfig to make sure the shared library are in the proper path.

Does anyone have any other ideas?  Is there another way to do this?

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