[Mono-list] Concerns about system colors?

Maser, Dan Dan.Maser at inin.com
Fri Apr 20 16:22:09 EDT 2007

   For some more data I see that there's some colors hard coded into
The relevant colors for my case are:
Window        FF FF FF   (this is black-on-white)
WindowText    00 00 00
Highlight     31 6A C5   (this is white-on-bluish)
HighlightText FF FF FF
  Which seems reasonable to me.   However my app shows up in
black-on-gray and white-on-gray.  It's not obvious to me why.


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 I wonder if I should raise concerns about the System colors in mono?
What I'm seeing is a little strange.  My app code uses System colors for
everything and looks as expected in Win32 but on linux mono it doesn't
look natural.  But it's not as clear what it *should* look like either.

 The colors for most apps are set in the /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults
directory per application I suppose.  So for example I see gnome
terminal windows that are black-on-white and highlight text
white-on-black.  I have standard xterms that are black-on-grey and
highlight white-on-black. Both of these seem normal because the two
colors have a high contrast.  However, my mono app has black-on-grey
(which is ok) but highlights white-on-gray.  The white-on-grey highlight
looks pretty bad for two reasons: the white-on-grey isn't a high enough
contrast plus the highlight background and non-highlight background are
both grey which doesn't clearly indicate what's highlighted.

  Sorry for the long-winded explanation.  I guess what I'm wondering
foremost is if there's an some /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults resources file
I can specify that will set the system colors I like?  If not, can
someone explain where the system colors come from?

 In case it helps my app draws its window as 
   not highlighted: SystemColors.WindowText on SystemColors.Window 
   highlighted:     SystemColors.HighlightText on SystemColors.Highlight

  Thanks in advance for your time. 
    Dan Maser 

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