[Mono-list] How to run a c# windows application on Scientific Linux CERN 3

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Fri Apr 20 16:09:32 EDT 2007


> Please, I have a Windows application developed by c# I want to port  
> it on the
> Scientific Linux
> Could you please give me the steps that I must do
> I would be grateful if you would help me because I need it too fast.
> Thank you very much

In general it's:

1) Install Mono
2) Copy over binary managed .exe, .dll files
3) Execute via: mono your.exe

Concerning your special Linux distribution you might want to check  
whether there are any packages for it on the Internet or whether the  
generic Linux installer works. Otherwise you can follow the standard  
compilation instructions in the Wiki.



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