[Mono-list] Sending Mails through ASP.Net on Mono Linux server

Jyoti Seth jyotiseth2001 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 08:02:16 EDT 2007

Thanks for the reply. I changed my asp.net code to use opensmtp instead of
System.Net.Mail but now its giving another error 


"Smtp error occured: ERROR - Expecting: 250. Recieved: 530 5.7.0 Must issue
a STARTTLS command first 24sm3331267ugf"


Following is the code that I have used:


OpenSmtp.Mail.MailMessage msg = new OpenSmtp.Mail.MailMessage();


msg.AddRecipient("testuser at gmail.com",OpenSmtp.Mail.AddressType.To);

            msg.From = new OpenSmtp.Mail.EmailAddress("testuser at gmail.com");

            msg.Subject = "Test mail using .net2.0";

            msg.Body = "This is my msg Body";


            string MailServer  = "smtp.gmail.com"; 

            string MailUser   = "xxxxxx at gmail.com"; 

            string MailPass   = "xxxxx";

            int MailPort =  587;  


            OpenSmtp.Mail.SmtpConfig.SmtpPort = 587;

            OpenSmtp.Mail.SmtpConfig.SmtpHost = "smtp.gmail.com";

            OpenSmtp.Mail.Smtp oSmtp = new OpenSmtp.Mail.Smtp
("smtp.gmail.com",587);//MailServer, MailUser, MailPass, MailPort);

             oSmtp.Username="xxxxx at gmail.com";





Please let me know where I am going wrong.





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I use opensmtp.net from sf.net, my opinion, its alot better then



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I am using System.Net.Mail for sending mails in asp.net applications and it
is working fine on windows xp m/c. But when I publish this on suse linux
server with mono 2.0 and postfix smtp service installed and configured it
gives an error either "Unable to validate data" or "Service not available".


I have also read about sharpwebmail application on net for sending mails
through ASP.Net on linux. Please suggest what should be best to use to run
asp.net applications for sending mails on linux server.





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