[Mono-list] NAnt hangs under fakeroot

Frederik Carlier frederik.carlier at carlier-online.be
Sun Apr 1 08:24:30 EDT 2007

Hi Robert,

I already set the MONO_SHARED_DIR variable (to the current directory,
though): see
Not doing so would cause a Mono crash, but now it just hangs. NAnt runs
fine when not running as fakeroot, and on Ubuntu (and probably Debian
unstable) it does run under fakeroot.

The main issue is that I'm not sure how to debug this issue (because it
apparently hangs). Can I somehow "attach" to this process and see where
it is stuck?


Robert Jordan schreef:
> Frederik Carlier wrote:
>> Does anyone have a suggestions as how to debug this? What can I look at
>> to determine if it's NAnt waiting for something, a Mono bug, or ...?
> Try this:
> mkdir /tmp/fakeroot-wapi
> MONO_SHARED_DIR=/tmp/fakeroot-wapi fakeroot ...
> Otherwise mono would try to write to /root/.wapi/ because
> fakeroot doesn't fake the pwent functions that Mono is using
> to obtain the home directory.
> Robert

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