[Mono-list] ALSA

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Mon Apr 2 05:27:50 EDT 2007

On 03/20/07 Ryan Haigh wrote:
> Im looking for information regarding the status of any alsa 
> bindings/libraries for C# and mono that i can use for a console based 
> audio recording application which i later want to add a gui to. I dont 
> want to worry about using gstreamer as im trying to maintain a minimum 
> install, however if audio recording (minimum of 4 channel 16bit 48khz) 
> is more easily achievable through gstreamer or sdl than alsa i could 
> live with it. Also need to be able to determine the capabilites of 
> soundcards at runtime which i think alsa might be better for.

Alp wrote a simple alsa binding that you an find at
If you know already the alsa API it's very simple to add stuff if it's
not included already.


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