[Mono-list] Installing mono-1.17.1 on ubuntu

Jensen Somers jensen.somers at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 06:40:51 EDT 2006


Which Ubuntu version are you using ?
If you already upgraded to the latest unstable version, edgy eft, you 
shouldn't have any problems, the latest mono version works fine with me.

If you are running dapper drake I suggest you stay away from the debian 
repositories and use the pre made installer (the bin file found on the 
mono project website) and install that, preferably as root. You should 
reboot after that installation to make sure all the PATH variables are 
correct. It didn't make the correct shortcuts in my gnome menu, but it 
placed a shortcut to the installation folder from where I could launch 
monodevelop and monodoc and so on. Creating your own shortcuts from that 
point isn't very hard.

A second way is to install mono and monodevelop from source:
In stead of wgetting the tarbal you can always use the svn repositories, 
more info on that can be found on the mono and monodevelop homepage.

Now, I figured that you are using the debian repositories for mono and 
monodevelop since I can't find any ubuntu dapper repositories anywhere 
with the latest version. If not, can you post the link to that repository ?

Kind regards,

Freyr Magnússon wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been struggling to get the latest mono build installed on my 
> ubuntu (I must admit that I'm a n00b with debian systems).
> I've added the repository from mono-develope but my dependencies can't 
> be met:
> libc6 (>=2.3.6-6) I have libc6-2.3.6-0
> and
> libglib2.0-0 (>=2.12.0) but I have 2.10.3
> so can anyone direct me to the right repositories that contain these 
> version?
> thanks,
> Freyr
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