[Mono-list] MonoTorrent - C# based bittorrent client

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 08:59:35 EDT 2006


As some of you may or may not know, Miguel mentored a project as part of the
Google Summer Of Code <http://code.google.com/soc> to implement a BitTorrent
library in C#, which i developed (slightly badly ;) ). The library
implements all the basic bittorrent spec at the moment and i'm currently
implementing one of the two official extensions to the client. If i have
time, i'll implement both.

However, a good few of the important algorithms have only had rough
implementations added in. For example piece picking isn't rarest first, it
just picks the next available free piece, which is non-ideal. The
choke/unchoke algorithm is extremely basic aswell. So there's still a lot of
work to be done in the library both to finish off implementing the basic
spec properly and fix bugs/enhance features.

I'm back in college now and after this week i'm going to have very little
free time to do anything other than a few bugfixes here and there. This year
counts towards my final degree, so i have to work ;) So, if there is anyone
out there who'd be interested in pitching in and developing the library
further, that'd be great. Just give me an email back.

Alternatively, if anyone out there wants to use the library, go right ahead.
Just send me bugreports and keep me posted on what applications are using it
(just so i can keep count of how many apps are using the library). If you
want features, or the public API to be changed in any way (it's pretty
horrible at the moment imo, but i need feedback to improve it) just talk to
me. If anyone wants to develop a WinForms, GTK# or Web based frontend for
the library let me know. There is an existing GTK#/Stetic GUI which could be
picked up by someone if they want to continue developing it. The original
developer isn't developing any further.

The code is available at the mono SVN in the bitsharp folder.

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