[Mono-list] VBNC in Mono.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Sep 13 00:43:01 EDT 2006


> This results in a recursiong with Conversions.ToDecimal because CDec (and 
> all the other CType conversions are done at runtime unless the type is known 
> to the compiler as well. And anyway there is no use to do reinterpretation 
> when the exact type is know. A simple unbox is enough.

Does it pass the tests?  And if so, could you commit the patch to the VB

> But there are other bugs (and I guess a lot of them) in VB runtime for sure.

Yes, but I think we got ourselves a good test case for tracking these
issues down.

> And I found a bug in vbnc as well that was possible because of a bug in 
> System.Windows.Forms.:)

Hope Rolf approves the VBNC patch, I do not understand that one

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