[Mono-list] Is Mono.Cecil a buggy emitter?

Dax Dax at daxxfiles.net
Sun Sep 10 17:31:25 EDT 2006

Hi people,

sorry for such a stupid title ;)

But it's been quite a while of testing around with Mono.Cecil and, at 
least in my case, it's completely insane using Mono.Cecil as a 
replacement for System.Reflection.Emit. When emitting/compiling into 
newly created assemblies, that is.

Every time I tried, it simply went awry. "Invalid public key size" is 
the only message Reflector throws when opening the assembly. The CLR 
detects invalid programs.. Weird weird. Because: everything works fine, 
as long as I don't import anything from the outside assembly-world.

Did I break anything? Or am I simply too stupid? ;)

lg, Dax

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