[Mono-list] VBNC in Mono.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Sep 10 15:26:28 EDT 2006


> > I think an easier solution is to generate mdb debug info using MS.NET  
> > SRE.
> > The attached Compiler.diff implements this hack.
> The problem with this solution is that it will introduce a dependency on  
> Mono (it needs a reference to Mono.CompilerServices.SymbolWriter.dll). It  
> might be better to check if Mono.CompilerServices.SymbolWriter.dll is  
> available and if it is use the mono symbolwriter, otherwise use the  
> default MS symbolwriter.


I got the impression that it would have been possible to use the .NET
Symbol Writer interface with a few hacks in mcs. 

If I remember correctly, and this is a very blurry topic to me, we were
missing a way of activating the symbol writer, or we could not figure it
out a few years ago, so we came up with this.

But nowadays I get the impression (maybe someone proposed a patch, or
there are other reference compilers that do this) that it is possible to
do this with pure managed code.

On Mono we could just hook the Mono SymbolWriter behind the official
API, but as I said, this is a very blurry topic to me, I do not remember
the details, its been at least two years since I looked at this.

> Vbnc does not always emit correct symbol information, +/-1 line is normal,  
> even more in some cases.
> Rolf
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