[Mono-list] - Printing Text Files -

Mecanico Compulsivo meca10280 at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 7 15:29:02 EDT 2006

Hi people:

I'm using a mechanism to print files. It works fine,
but control characters like '\n' or '\t' are no
printing in paper, although they are necessary because
in the original text file I use them to separe and
split data columns. I think the "bug" is in the
DrawString method, but I have no more ideas. Somebody
can help me with this?? I'm using a source like this:

e.Graphics.DrawString(Line, TypeFont, Brushes.Black,
leftMargin, yPos, new

Line = actual line read from text file; (I'm using
simple text file)
TypeFont = name a size of font used; ('Arial', 10)

Ismael Camargo

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