[Mono-list] Types not found on 1.1.18

Pedro Sobota pedro at sobota.net
Tue Oct 31 09:53:24 EST 2006

A couple months ago I stripped down a few pieces of my WinForms 2.0 
application until it compiled on gmcs 1.1.13. The blocking issues where 
all 2.0 stuff, so now I got 1.1.18 and tried to recompile to see what I 
could re-enable to bring the code closer to the original project. (I 
really want to show the app working on Linux to a few people in the firm.)

I found it strange that now in many places the compiler couldn't find 
the types 'DataRow', 'DateTime', 'DBNull', since the namespaces are 
imported and System.dll and System.Data.dll are referenced.

Did somebody else experience this?


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