[Mono-list] Helping out Windows Developers

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Tue Oct 31 06:04:31 EST 2006

> The Run in Mono button removes the need to find the mono command line,
> and call mono on wherever your assembly happens to be.  I think this
> feature absolutely needs to be ported to VS2005, and renamed something
> more like "Mono Development Plugin" or something.  The other features
> can come along for the ride if they are ready, but I need this feature
> in VS2005 today.  :)

I created a buttons in system tray having

"C:\Program Files\Mono-\bin\mono.exe" c:\mydir\bin\debug\myapp.exe

After pressing F6 in VCS I can press to this button to test my application in mono.
This is even easier than selecting something from menu.

> Either way, this just needs to be a button on the image desktop that
> does all the work for you.  That is, click the button titled "Update
> Mono to latest version", wait for the command window to stop scrolling
> and say "It's done, press Enter, and have fun".

I don't see the need for SVN for most things since there is  monocharge archieves compiled nightly.
I'd like to see windows .bat file in monocharge archieves which refreshes mono automatically, by 
running something like 

for %%i in (*.dll) do mono ..\1.0\gacutil.exe /i %%i /f /package 2.0

Currently they contain only .sh skript.


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