[Mono-list] SharpOS.org

Alessandro Bottoni alessandro-bottoni at libero.it
Tue Oct 31 02:46:05 EST 2006

Michael Schurter ha scritto:
> Since the idea of a managed operating system has been discussed at 
> length on the mono-devel-list, I went ahead and registered sharpos.org!
> I encourage anyone interested in developing a managed operating system 
> to visit http://sharpos.org
> Please start editing the wiki and sign up for the mailing list[1] to 
> continue this discussion.  That way we can stop flooding Mono lists with 
> OT posts!

Wonderful! I'm going to advertise this idea around with some article in english
and italian that I'll try to publish on all of the magazines I have contact
with, that is: http://punto-informatico.it/ , http://www.oceanidigitali.it/ and
GNU Linux Magazine (paper magazine, in italian).

I hope this will help us to collect developers, testers and technical writers
for the project.

Alessandro Bottoni

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