[Mono-list] Equivalent for local machine registry settings

James Barbetti james_barbetti at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 27 00:02:39 EDT 2006

Can anyone tell me if there is a common convention for simulating HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry settings properly?
From what I have read in the Mono documentation for the (Microsoft.Win32) Registry and RegistryKey classes,
LocalMachine is simulated via subdirectories under the user's $HOME directory, which means that the registry settings under LocalMachine are per-user, and *not* per-machine.  For us, that rules out using Registry.LocalMachine to store per-machine settings.
What are other people using (if anything) to store per-machine settings from applications written in .Net, running on Linux via Mono.
Configuration files?  If so, where should they be?
Would symbolic links (with the per-user subdirectories corresponding to local machine mapped to a per-machine directory) work?
I'm comfortable with using Mono's Registry classes for per-user settings, but - out of the box - they aren't up to the job for per-machine settings.
What are the alternatives and/or workarounds?

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