[Mono-list] Internal server error

Jurek Bartuszek koxta at koxta.net
Wed Oct 25 08:35:30 EDT 2006

Madars Vitolins napisał(a):
> The same problem for me are from version 1.1.13 on gentoo box.
> Nor 1.1.16, 17, 18 helps :(
> Are you running ASP.NET 1.1 projects or ASP.NET 2.0

I'm running mod-mono-server.exe (not 2.0) with MonoRunXSP set to True.
Now I know that mod_mono 1.1.17 works good for me, but I didn't test any
previous versions. However, I'm about to spend some time on 1.1.13.x as
those are maintentance releases.

I'll commit the changes to the portage tree as soon as my testing is
over (which will probably be today or tomorrow).

Best regards,
Jurek Bartuszek

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