[Mono-list] xsp in mono 1.1.18

Oleg Deribas thisaddressisnotmine at td.selfip.net
Wed Oct 25 05:20:15 EDT 2006


I'm trying xsp test web server. I've installed mono 1.1.18 and run "XSP
2.0 Test Web Server"

When trying to access
http://localhost:8088/1.1/webservice/TestService.asmx I have the
following exception:
System.DllNotFoundException: libc.so.6

When I'm trying to run "XSP Test Web Server" (without 2.0),
TestService's page works, but service proxy generation doesn't work
anyway with the System.InvalidOperationException.

Then I decided to try the same on the linux computer. And with xsp the
results were the same while with xsp2 it worked.

So I have a question. Is xsp supposed to work on windows or should I
leave my attempts and use linux?


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