[Mono-list] io-layer naming issues on OSX.

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Tue Oct 24 13:09:28 EDT 2006


Am 24.10.2006 um 18:59 schrieb Robert Jordan:

> Andreas Färber wrote:
>>>> That's rather a cookbook than a self-containing test case ;-)
>>>> Please provide the complete Xcode project.
>>> Attached is a new simplified Xcode project
> I didn't receive the project. Maybe it was too large
> for the list. Please send it as PM.

It was too large for the list, like I feared (which was why I gave  
the bandwidth-saving "recipe" in the first place), and was  
subsequently rejected by the list admin. I did cc you though and  
recently already inquired whether you received it. Did you check your  
spam filter? Will re-send it anyway.


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