[Mono-list] FW: How do i tell Mono (for ASP.NET, C#) where to find MySQL.Data.MySqlClient

Dick Steflik steflik at binghamton.edu
Tue Oct 24 12:55:04 EDT 2006

Peter & Robert,
I never noticed it before but somehow mono got installed twice once in 
my home directory and once in usr. I was looking at the one in my home 
directory all this time. I copied the assembly MySql.Data from the 
installation in my home directory to the GAC in usr and everything 
started working the way it should. I don't know how it got in both 
places because I did a yum install.  Anyway it seems to be working OK 
now. I don't understand how gacutil was showing me the wrong one. I 
think I should be able to just delete the one from my home directory.

I really appreciate all of the advice and patience from both of you.

Dick Steflik
Binghamton University

Robert Jordan wrote:

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>>To: Bradley, Peter
>>Subject: Re: [Mono-list] How do i tell Mono (for ASP.NET, C#) where to
>>find MySQL.Data.MySqlClient
>>Good morning gentlemen,
>>I am running Apache on Fedora Core 5, I did a ps and a grep for you on 
>>apache , here it is:
>>apache    1909  0.0  1.3  21920  6980 ?        Ssl  Oct23   0:00 
>>/usr/bin/mono /usr/lib/mono/1.0/m$
>/usr/bin/mono is another mono installation.
>In your previous mail you showed us another Mono path:
>MySql.Data must be installed in the GAC of the /usr/bin/mono
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