[Mono-list] System.InvalidCastException in Npgsql

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 22 19:45:19 EDT 2006

Only one table is shown because the
InvalidCastException was thrown which stopped
sqlsharpgtk from getting anymore meta data.  This is a
known issue.  This is resolved in subversion.

> I noticed also that sqlsharpgtk shows only first
> PostgreSQL table in table
> list. This occurs also in 1.1.17 . Is this known
> issue ?

> I need to edit DataTable returned by Npgsql in grid.
> I'm studying GTK# and WinForms DataGrid  for this.
> It would be nice if sqlsharpgtk allows edit tables
> in grid.
> I was looking for a sample GTK# code which allows to
> edit DataTable in grid
> but have'nt found any.
> So I think I will use WinForms.

I can provide you with some sample code for an
editable gtk# TreeView/ListStore.

> Does MonoQuery allow to edit DataTable in grid ?

No.  The DataGrid in MonoQuery is based an old version
of sqlsharpgtk.

> I'm developing for MONO mostly in Windows (using
> Visual C# Express 2005 )
> MonoDevelop does not run in Windows so I cannot look
> into it.

Currently, there is no release of MonoDevelop that
runs on Windows, but someone did commit to subversion
support to run on Windows.  Hopefully, Paco or Wade
can provide a runnining MonoDevelop with the next
windows installer release of mono.

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