[Mono-list] TreeView question

Rodney J. Dyer rjdyer at vcu.edu
Thu Oct 19 20:10:06 EDT 2006

Carlos Ble wrote:
> http://www.mono-project.com/GtkSharp_TreeView_Tutorial
Sure, I already found this, but what I am struggling with are issues
such as how to:

- Select a column of data
- Make it so that if you tab from a cell you move one cell to the right
and return will move one line down
- When I override the Edited event from the CellRenderer, I would like
to know which column it is currently located.  The only things passed to
the func are the Gtk.EditedArgs and the Gtk.CellRendererText.  While the
EditedArgs has a path, it only gives me the row being edited and not the
column.  I'm using a data class that keeps values by a Hashtable whose
keys are set by the column headers (it is ok people will not have
columns with the same name).  How can I determine which column is being
edited (The tree View Column only emits on Clicked).  Can I get a
reference to the TreeViewColumn that I added the cell to during
construction?).  It appears that Gtk.UserData is depreciated.  I can see
that using TreeView.GetCursor() can be called from within the
EditedFunc, but this seems a bit kludgy and I must be missing something

-- Rodney J. Dyer, PhD Department of Biology Virginia Commonwealth 
University http://dyerlab.bio.vcu.edu

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