[Mono-list] TreeView question

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Wed Oct 18 08:44:23 EDT 2006

> OK, I'm attempting to implement a spreadsheet-like interface using gtk#
> and I'm having a tough time.  

Perhaps you want a Grid View?

> Can someone point me in the direction of
> an example/tutorial of using ListStore/NodeStore for a TreeView with a
> variable number of columns.  I'm looking at the user importing a

You have to set it up programatically, not via attributes, if you want
to modify things at run time.  See the MonoDoc documentation for

> tab-delimited text file, say from a spreadsheet program or something and
> manipulating it in various ways.  The number of columns is resolved when
> the user imports a data file, not at design time so things such as: 
> [TreeNode (ColumnCount=2)]
> and 
> [TreeNodeValue (Column=1)]
> cannot be determined at compile time.  An example or quick point in the
> right direction would be appreciated.

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