[Mono-list] Web Services using Mono ?

Sébastien Mosser mosser at polytech.unice.fr
Sat Oct 14 05:23:02 EDT 2006

Hello everybody ^_^ .

My name is Sebastian, and I'm a french master student in CS (so,
excuse my english, please ;-) ). I'm working in a research team, and
we're dealing with C#  Web Services.

Now, web services are written using Visual Studio, and hosted by IIS.
But it stinks !
We need to have a full control of all the deployment process, and such
a thing is totally impossible using this tools. Moreover, there is too
few web server running IIS on the internet, and we have to proove that
our work will be able to run on huge networks.

I find Mono, and mod_mono for Apache2 on the internet. Sounds Great.
Really. I wrote little console applications,  my first ASP.Net page
(using XSP to begin), ...

but I don't find any tutorial about : "How to create a Web Service
using Mono". I think there is some difference between a web service
and an ASP.Net page (asmx instead of aspx, or even bin/*.pdb instead
of bin/*.dll).

So, have you got any url ??

Thanks a lot, cheers !

 Sebastian MOSSER
 Polytechnic School of Nice / Sophia Antipolis
 Templar's Knight Campus, CS Department

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