[Mono-list] Mono embedding issue

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Tue Oct 10 12:00:52 EDT 2006

Hi Miguel,

>> When embedding Mono on OS X i386, I get an assertion failure
>> in mono_jit_init:
>> ** ERROR **: file threads.c: line 420 (mono_thread_attach): assertion
>> failed: (thread_handle)
>> aborting...
>> It goes on to mention SIGABRT and includes an empty stacktrace.
>> The same code, compiled against the corresponding ppc Mono.framework,
>> works great on PPC. I've looked at the beforementioned source file in
>> SVN head and found no clue.
> Is this thread registered with Mono?   Mono requires that all threads
> that will have access to Mono are registered with the GC.

The thread is the thread that I am being called on and am  
subsequently attempting to initialize the JIT on, so it was not  
registered with Mono before.

However, earlier this year we talked about a bug I reported (http:// 
bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=77354 - comments in #77638),  
which to my understanding led to the change of native threads being  
automatically registered with the Mono runtime, making my Cocoa based  
applications happy since 1.1.17 or .16.


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