[Mono-list] mcs/gmcs crash

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Tue Oct 10 05:24:19 EDT 2006

Hi Miguel,

>> I meant the last "mini.diff" patch against the runtime.
>>> I am working on a managed Xcode plugin, so patching my own local  
>>> Mono
>>> is no solution.
>> You could try out the patch, especially on x86, and post a follow
>> up to the bug entry. Or build a dylib (derived from the patch's code)
>> and pinvoke it, because I'm not sure if patch will be ever accepted.
> I just commited the patch, but I would love to get some feedback from
> those using MacOS X.

If you could provide me with a ppc binary and instructions for  
updating my installation (I guess I'll be updating to first,  
wasn't aware) I'd be happy to test it and report back.


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