[Mono-list] Mono Foundation?

Rafael Ferreira lists at ophion.org
Thu Oct 5 00:16:12 EDT 2006

I don't particularly think that my vote carries much weight.. but I
would personally like the apache name behind Mono and historically the
apache foundation has done a good job of not getting in the way. With
regards to paying for development, I don't see the apache foundation as
being a hindrance; hard to implement tasks will still require an
interested party to finance the development.I don't know of any
non-profits out there (maybe the eclipse foundation) that are paying for
hard core dev work. 

my 2 cents, 

- raf  

On Wed, 2006-10-04 at 08:25 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>     Over the past few years, people have suggested that we should create
> a foundation to further develop Mono.  The idea in general is good, it
> has worked fairly well for Gnome, and has worked fairly well for
> Apache.    
>     This comes at a time when some third parties would like to see Mono
> developed in a particular direction and the process that we have at
> Novell for getting paid for Mono is not optimal (which is to say, today
> the best thing you can do to fund Mono is buy SUSE, which is not a very
> direct way of funding Mono). 
>     But am not sure that everyone has the same idea about what a Mono
> foundation would do, I would like such a foundation to be a mechanism to
> funnel more money into the development of Mono and its ecosystem.   
>     A foundation might have other uses, as it does in Gnome and Apache
> cases (defining release schedules, promotion, opening up the decision
> making process), but I think that fundamentally it should aim to have a
> budget that it can use to hire developers to work on particular areas
> that need to be developed.
>     I think this is a topic that is worth discussing at the upcoming
> Mono Meeting: are there enough companies that would be willing to fund a
> non-profit to develop open source software for this particular purpose?
>     A few months ago, just when someone had brought up the idea about a
> Mono Foundation, I happened to run into Greg Stein from Apache at a
> conference.  He had a few comments: setting up a foundation is a lot of
> work (I agree);  it might be best to reuse an existing foundation (I
> agree as well);   The Apache Foundation *might* be a host for our
> activities, but does not have a mechanism for paying/funding any
> activities (which is what I would personally like to see happen). 
> Miguel.
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