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Microsoft .NET Framework has releases: 1.0, 1.1, 2.0. Note that 3.0 is 
exactly the same as 2.0 but contains some more components.

Each release has different set of functionality.

Mono is released as a single product that contains support multible 
framework versions. Profile 1.0 is intended to be compatible with MS.NET 1.1 
and profile 2.0 is intended to be compatible with MS.NET 2.0.

If you compile you code using MS csc 1.0, 1.1 or Mono mcs it will use 
profile 1.0. If you compiler your code using MS csc 2.0 or gmcs it will use 
profile 2.0. Also note that you can use .config files to override this 
default behavior.


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What is profile 2.0?


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Kornél Pál wrote:
>> I have looked at the System.IO.Ports but have failed to incorporate
>> it with out app(a combination of monodevelop and mcs crashes).
>> Are there any other method to do this or have someone incorporated
>> System.IO.Ports into an .NET v1.x app?
> Why don't you use profile 2.0?
> That way you can use System.IO.Ports on Mono and MS.NET as well
> without any hacks.
> Kornél
I tried this and it seems not to complain. For some reason I did not know 
about the 'profiles' in monodevelop.

Thanks, all sorted, for now.

Gert Burger

Computer Science Department
University of Pretoria

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