[Mono-list] SerialPort access

Gert Burger gburger at cs.up.ac.za
Mon Oct 2 08:14:24 EDT 2006

Kornél Pál wrote:
>> I have looked at the System.IO.Ports but have failed to incorporate it
>> with out app(a combination of monodevelop and mcs crashes).
>> Are there any other method to do this or have someone incorporated
>> System.IO.Ports into an .NET v1.x app?
> Why don't you use profile 2.0?
> That way you can use System.IO.Ports on Mono and MS.NET as well 
> without any hacks.
> Kornél
I tried this and it seems not to complain. For some reason I did not 
know about the 'profiles' in monodevelop.

Thanks, all sorted, for now.

Gert Burger
Computer Science Department
University of Pretoria

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