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Carl Olsen carl at carl-olsen.com
Sun Oct 1 18:33:36 EDT 2006

You could do string comparison or parse it as XML.  It looks like you are
getting valid XML.

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Hi, I am using a dll called Rss.NET from http://rss-net.sourceforge.net/

I can't find any contact on their web site so I thought I would ask here:

I have this sample of an rss feed:

//				<item>
//				<pubDate>Sun, 01 Oct 2006 20:06:41
//				<title>M 2.7, Southern California</title>
//				<description>October 01, 2006 20:06:41
//				-
//				<link>
//				</link>
//				<geo:lat>33.2446</geo:lat>
//				<geo:long>-116.1261</geo:long>
//				<dc:subject>2</dc:subject>
//				<dc:subject>pasthour</dc:subject>
//				<dc:subject>3.50 km</dc:subject>
//				<guid isPermaLink="false">ci14254252</guid>
//				</item>

and this snipet of code:

		private void ListQuakes()
			Console.WriteLine (this.channel.Title);
			items = this.channel.Items;
			IEnumerator enu = this.items.GetEnumerator();
			while (enu.MoveNext ()) {
				Rss.RssItem item = (Rss.RssItem)
				Console.WriteLine (item.Title);
				Console.WriteLine (item.Description);

which works, but I cant seem to find any way of extracting the <geo:
and <dc: data from the items.

Does any one have some experience with this library or pointers to
another c# RSS library I could use?


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