[Mono-list] Building Mono with MSVC

Jeremy Swigart jswigart at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 18:11:21 EST 2006

Hello Mono users,

First off I'm a big fan of what Mono brings to cross platform development
and C#. As a long time C++ developer and intermediate C# developer I am very
interested in embedding Mono in an application to use at least for
scripting, and possibly to use for the entire module(dll in this case).
Unfortunately I don't have alot of linux experience, and am rather
disappointed that despite Mono source coming with a nice solution file for
MSVC, it still requires running a gauntlet with cygwin and tools to get some
missing files needed to build with the MSVC solution. I was hoping someone
on the list here could save me a bunch of time getting up to speed with
building mono. Initially I tried to get my hands on a torrent for a
preconfigured cygwin for building mono, however the link is unfortunately
dead http://www.mfconsulting.com/blog/archives/000074.html I haven't had
alot of luck setting up cygwin myself yet, so I was hoping I could get some
additional help on here. Does anyone have the iso of the pre-configured
cygwin, or know of a place I can get the missing files for MSVC 2005 so I
can skip the cygwin step altogether? I would really appreciate any help with

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