[Mono-list] First try at MoMA

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Nov 27 19:02:12 EST 2006


>  >Type Exception.GetType(): method not yet in Mono
> This is very strange, because it seems a very basic Method.

This is a 2.x feature;   The method is documented as not doing anything,
it is just a new definition that happens to call the base class.

If you rebuild the software on Mono, you would have gotten the correct
behavior, so it was only a runtime issue.   It has now been fixed.

>  >EndPoint Socket.get_RemoteEndPoint()
>  >void WebRequest.set_Credentials(ICredentials)
>  >WebResponse WebRequest.GetResponse()
>  >void WebRequest.set_Proxy(IWebProxy)
> This three seemed too common to throw NotImplementedException, am I right?

Yes, those are bogus errors.   The problem is that they "reference" the
virtual method in WebRequest which instead of being flagged as
"abstract" were virtual and have an implementation that throws.

When Moma runs, it does not know that the actual methods called will be
from a derived class (you can only instantiate special classes through a
factory method), so these are never hit.

I added a whitelist, that will be in the next release of Moma. 


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