[Mono-list] First try at MoMA

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Mon Nov 27 14:40:37 EST 2006

Hey Andrés,

I can't speak for what is normal to be implemented yet, but I can help 
with one MoMA related issue:

 > Type Exception.GetType(): method not yet in Mono
 > This is very strange, because it seems a very basic Method.

This is somewhat an issue with MoMA.  In .Net 2.0, MS overrode the 
GetType method for Exception.  Obviously, the app should compile and run 
just fine because it will use the base class's GetType.  However, MS 
most likely overrode it for some reason, and Mono hasn't done the same.

I guess the best way would be to somehow mark these methods as such 
(this specific one is missing, but a base type method will be used), 
however the logistics of making MoMA that smart may not be worth it.

Maybe we would just be better off using the submitted reports to find 
common cases of this.  If we can figure out why and implement the new 
override would be ideal, but at the very least we can override it with a 
MonoTODO saying "We aren't sure yet why this is overridden in 2.0".  :)


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